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Pannónia Endowment Life Insurance is the perfect choice if you are looking for financial protection for your family and loved ones in one policy that covers costs of unexpected life events such as a critical illness (cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc.), while you also want to save up money for your future plans.

What is endowment life insurance?

An endowment policy will pay out returns whether the policyholder dies before maturity (risk benefit) or the policy term ends during the policyholder’s lifetime (maturity benefit). In either case, the insurance company will pay the option chosen by the policyholder.

Who can benefit from an endowment policy?

  • Everyone who is looking for solid insurance protection and also wants to be able to save up for their future.
  • Everyone who prefers stable, secure and calculable returns over risky investments that may or may not produce higher yields.
  • Everyone who is looking for a simple, transparent life insurance policy that requires little care from the policyholder during the term of the insurance.
  • Everyone who needs an affordable, high-value savings plan combined with insurance coverage that comes with a low monthly premium of as little as HUF 7,000.

What are the added benefits of Pannónia Endowment Life Insurance?

  • Pannónia Endowment Life Insurance is the only endowment policy available in Hungary that covers disability due to an accident or critical illnesses (cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc.) in addition to standard coverage in the event of death, without the need for a rider.
  • Pannónia Endowment Life Insurance is also unique in that it covers against as many as 25 critical illnesses, including cases of malignant tumor, heart attack, stroke, bypass operation, chronic kidney failure, vital organ transplant, loss of vision or hearing, third-degree burn, multiple sclerosis, limb amputation, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and coma.
  • Pannónia Endowment Life Insurance offers unique flexibility by giving the policyholder the option to freely choose the amount of the risk benefit in cases of death, disability and critical illness as well as the amount of the maturity benefit, independent of each other, thereby adjusting the insurance to the policyholder’s personal needs.
  • Pannónia Endowment Life Insurance policies can be signed without the need for prior medical and health risk analysis, which makes the application process much easier as it practically eliminates the risk of the application being rejected.
  • To account for future events unforeseeable at the time of signing the contract, Pannónia Endowment Life Insurance is adjusted to the current financial condition of the insured allowing policyholders to freely lower or raise their premium, or pay lump sums into their account.
  • Finally, as a key benefit Pannónia Endowment Life Insurance offers extremely low premiums to policy owner of all ages compared to competitors.

Note: The information above contains the key features of Pannónia Life Insurance; however, the description is not complete. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before signing a contract, and contact a skilled insurance adviser for professional advice.

How to apply for a Pannónia Endowment Life Insurance policy?

You can apply for a Pannónia Endowment Life Insurance policy simply by filling in the form below and sending it to us. One of our staff members will contact you shortly to answer all your questions, help you select an insurance plan best suited to your needs and guide you through the entire application process.


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