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Pannónia Unit-Linked Life Insurance is a whole life insurance that the policyholder may at any time have converted into term insurance. By converting whole life into term, policyholders can adjust the insurance service to their actual living conditions and needs.

The insurer pays the policy’s face value to the beneficiary following the policyholder’s death or the expiration of the period specified in the policy. In some cases, the insurer waives the premium payments.

There is no interest tax on the death benefit or the endowment benefit. The death benefit, moreover, is not subject to inheritance tax or probate.

The Pannónia Unit-Linked Life Insurance policyholder has to be a natural person between two and eighty years of age. Our product is so flexible that a second beneficiary may also be involved either when the proposal is made or later at policy anniversaries, which means it offers ideal insurance coverage for married couples and families.

The premiums on Pannónia Unit-Linked Life Insurance may be paid quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. The premium payment schedule may be changed during the life of the policy. The policyholder may determine the duration of premium payments at the time the proposal is made. It must be at least ten years.

The policyholder may pay one-off premiums in addition to the regular premiums at any time. The one-off payments are kept on the policyholder’s account separately from the main policy. When the proposal is made, policyholders can determine how they intend to invest the amount accrued from one-off premiums in the various asset-backed funds. The charges on one-off premiums are much lower than the charges on regular premiums. The one-off premiums, plus their proceeds, may be accessed at low handling charges at any time during the term of the insurance. The one-off premium payment option lets policyholders quickly make major investments tailored to their needs.

After making certain deductions for charges, the insurer uses the money that accrues from the regular and one-off payments to purchase investment units in various asset-backed funds, and the related information is posted in the policyholder’s account. The insurer invests the premiums immediately. Pannónia Unit-Linked Life Insurance offers various investment opportunities, ranging from low-risk capital-guaranteed money-market funds to bond funds that involve modest risks and proceeds above the inflation rate and to high-risk, high-yield share investments.

Our company is the only insurer in the Hungarian market that offers the Warren Buffet Stock Fund. If you invest in this fund, you will become a client of Berkshire Hathaway, the holding company run by Warren Buffet, who is one of the world’s richest and best known investment strategists.

Policyholders can put together their own portfolios from our wide selection of options according to the yield they want and the risk they are willing to assume. Moreover, they are free to rearrange their investments among the asset-backed funds in order to respond to fluctuations in the money and capital market. This may be done several times a year and without charge. You can check the prices of securities in the asset-backed funds for each value date by visiting our website. This makes it possible to monitor the value of your investments at any time.


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