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Principles of Complaint Management

Dear Customer, The objective of our company is to ensure that our Customers shall be satisfied with our services and administration. In order to constantly improve our service levels and to increase our Customers’ satisfaction, all feedback, positive or negative, is important in connection with our products, services, staff and administration, as well as regarding our company, as a whole.

In order to ensure appropriate and effective management of complaints, we follow the principles and practice outlined below in handling complaints:

Giving prime consideration to complaints received, we endeavour to improve the quality of our services and products for our Customers, increasing the satisfaction of our Customers through the same. Our target is to investigate each complaint thoroughly and within the shortest possible time, and to give in each case an adequate, detailed answer, whilst providing remedies for well-founded complaints as soon as possible. Whenever a longer period of time is required to investigate a complaint matter, we inform our Customers during that period on the progress made in the complaint management process and the expected date when we can provide a well-founded reply. Even though the applicable legislation provides a deadline of 30 days for the investigation of complaints and sending an answer, our colleagues make special efforts to provide an answer to our Customers in less complicated cases within a significantly shorter deadline.

You are invited to send us your observations and complaints in the following ways:

Personally: You can report your views and observations in our Customer Service Office. In a personal visit, you can complete and submit to our colleagues the customer service questionnaire that can be requested there and, if you have an eventual complaint, you can also submit the complaint reporting form there.

The address of our office is: 1033 Budapest, Flórián tér 1.

Opening hours:

  • on Monday, extended working hours 08:00-20:00
  • Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday: 08:00-17:00
  • Friday: 08:00-15:00

You can also arrange a meeting over the telephone or, electronically, at ugyfelszolgalat@cig.eu to discuss personal administration issues.

By telephone: Our telephone customer service is available during working hours at 06-40-555-888. When a case is reported by telephone, our colleagues might request you to confirm your complaint in writing.

Via e-mail: ugyfelszolgalat@cig.hu

In a letter or fax: Our Customers can send their letters to the address 1502 Budapest, Pf. 516 or to the fax number of 06-1-247-20-21, addressed to CIG Pannónia Life Insurance Nyrt., Customer Service Department. In order to promote efficient administration, we will need in each case the basic personal identification data of our Customer and the data regarding the existing insurance contract(s) (policy number, contract number, proposal number).

Recording of complaints:

The insurer keeps an electronic record of customer complaints, and how these issues were settled or solved, in a manner allowing individual identification; containing:

  • a description of the complaint, with an indication of the event or fact representing the subject of the complaint,the date when the complaint was submitted,
  • a description of the measure taken to settle or solve the complaint; if the complaint was rejected, the reason for it,
  • the deadline for the implementation of the measure mentioned in the section above and the identification of the person responsible for the implementation; furthermore
  • the date when the complaint was answered.

If you consider that the contents of the answer sent by our Company do not settle the issue in your complaint, you can contact the following bodies: