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This Company is under Hungarian ownership, promotes the idea of self-reliance and the provision of support of relatives and also supports the further development of financial and insurance culture in Hungary and other the Central and Eastern European countries through the high-quality services it offers to its customers. As a Hungarian insurance company, CIG Pannónia Life Insurance offers customized products in accordance with local requirements, offers jobs locally and pays taxes in Hungary. A key part of our strategy is the principle of mutuality: we want our owners to become clients and vice versa. That was the rationale behind the public offering of CIGPANNONIA shares in 2010 and their listing at the Budapest Stock Exchange.

The Company provides quality services available on the market customized to local needs, relying on the prestige and example of its founders and supported by a management which is very efficient. In accordance with the so-called “Blue Ocean Strategy”, which stimulates innovation and creates a competitive edge, the Company continuously monitors market developments and improves its product range accordingly.

Our products and services offer safe solutions for the varying needs of our customers that stem from their different situations. Consequently, we have come up with ways to provide for children, build savings, support new families and  tocreate financial security after retirement. Our products also offer an opportunity for responsible employers to provide for their employees and create collective or individual incentives to encourage employees to work efficiently.

In addition to our successful operation in Hungary, currently we offer products in Slovakia as a cross-border service through our strategic partner.

Our management considers the achievement of ownership goals, maximizing shareholder value and cost-effective and profitable operation as the most important factors of business. Our colleagues work honestly and with professionalism to reach the goals that are set. We recognize our role as caring, innovative, family-centred, successful and reliable insurer that offers a full range of high-quality insurance services to its customers through an extensive network of highly skilled representatives.